002 – Surviving a Building Project

In this episode, Chris Davenport shares from decades of experience in construction management the right and wrong ways to tackle a building project — especially when volunteers are involved.  Among the topics covered, you’ll learn:

  • Who should (and shouldn’t) be making construction decisions
  • The jobs volunteers can do that will actually save you money
  • How to gain that new building without losing your job
  • The biggest “budget busters” and how to avoid them

Chris is the Construction Cost Management Director for Church Development Fund.  This episode was recorded on December 9, 2015.


001 – Maximum Engagement through Social Media

In this episode, Tami Milbrandt walks us through the compelling reasons for having a social media presence as well as the best way to wade into the waters of Facebook and Twitter without drowning.  BONUS: The five “Inner Circle” voices every leader should consult regularly to stay sharp, focused and producing great social media content.

Tami is the Marketing Manager for Provision Ministry Group.  This episode was recorded on November 30, 2015.